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1755 Daily Backup and Disk Backup

Discussion in 'Add-On Install Instructions' started by MyKroFt, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. MyKroFt

    MyKroFt Guru

    Is anyone interested in a GUI module to config these backup scripts instead of hand editing the /etc/pbx/*.conf file?

    I was finishing this up for myself, and thought I would pretty it up and make it installable by upload/activate etc (I did it by hand creating it).

    All I really need to do is finish up the error checking on the inputed values etc and write out the conf file with all the current comments etc so it remains as 100% orig looking as I can.

    Let me know
  2. darmock

    darmock PIAF Developer

    cool.... very cool.. I am currently looking at adding a command line to the disk version for Mondo in the conf file (Once I get it working). I also have a few things to sort out in the daily but the conf file will not change in that.

    Good idea.

  3. rjm

    rjm Guru

    I would be interested. Also, I was hoping for a way to move all the backup files over to S3.
  4. MyKroFt

    MyKroFt Guru

    Hm... Does S3 access method use Fuse?
  5. dswartz

    dswartz Guru

    most like it does

    although i could be wrong...
  6. rjm

    rjm Guru

    Yes, you can use fuse.

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