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Configure DDWRT using piaf

Discussion in 'Developers' Corner' started by sergiocesar, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. sergiocesar

    sergiocesar Member

    Has anyone been able to use a PIAF installation to configure an optware asterisk install on a DDWRT box?
    This post lead me to believe it is possible:
    I had limited success but many things does not work like calling ext to ext and moh. outgoing, voicemail (partial) works.
    After configuring a new install of a piaf box I copied all the /etc/asterisk config files to ddwrt, changed the path and copied the dialparties.agi group over.

    It would be great to be able to do that and use gvoice in my home system with all or most of the features of piaf.

  2. lowno

    lowno Guru

    I seriously doubt that. That router can only handle pure asterisk, not asterisk and freepbx. There is just not enough memory and space.
  3. sergiocesar

    sergiocesar Member

    I am notlooking to install piaf on the router. it would be nice.
    What I was looking for is to configure a new install on a BIG box the way I want just to create the configuration files then copy them over to the ddwrt. What I dont want to do is to have to configure the ddwrt manually editing each file. it is a pain and prone to mistakes.
  4. localnation

    localnation New Member

    The DD-WRT on my Linksys WRT610N could probably handle it (it has onboard support for external hard drives attached to the USB port). I don't have the time or patience for porting programs to routers, but it's an idea for anyone who's looking to do it.
  5. wardmundy

    wardmundy Nerd Uno

    You need at least 4GB of space to get everything installed, and you need at least 2GB once it's operational. I don't think it would work.
  6. sergiocesar

    sergiocesar Member

    You are talking about 4gigs of disk space right? that is no issue. UBS sticks now come in 8, 16 and higher. and I have several Asus 500gP v2 that I use with a 500Gig usb disk and samba as my local storage for picts and music.

    Since disk space is not a real issue this could work real nice even with a 8 gig usb stick for storage of voicemail MOH etc and dont have to really run any web server for programming if we can use a full computer to host the web interface and scp somehow the config files for normal asterisk operation.
    It should handle a normal household with at least 4-5 simultaneous calls perhaps, I assume.
    As it is, it does all by itself now and being myself no expert on asterisk or programming I have to "assuming" :) it should work with all the features of PIAF and as easy to get it going as it is with PIAF> :)

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