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Nortel IP 1535 $27.95

Discussion in 'Endpoints' started by w1ve, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. rxcomm

    rxcomm Guru

    Sims - at that point, you just need to power cycle the phone and it should come up networked and registered. At least that's how mine worked.

  2. jeffml

    jeffml New Member

    This is pretty much a copy of what I posted on the DSLReports VoIP forum:


    Ok. Here is the password info for the Nortel 1535. Please be careful because you could easily destroy your phone.

    telnet username: root
    telnet password: lvp2890

    It runs Linux so there is a lot of interesting stuff it can do.

    Again please be careful. If you don't understand Linux command line you are best to stay out of the device.

    I've put the latest firmware (0.2.76) and documentation out at »thefoots.com/1535.html

    I couldn't find anything that strictly prohibited distributing it so if you find something contrary to that, let me know and I'll take it down.
  3. vanDivX

    vanDivX Guru

    Thanks, this is wonderful :)

    However what is even more wonderful is that I brought back home the phone I took to work for WIFI testing and where I was unsuccessfully trying to connect to WIFI (I don't have WIFI at home currently) and now at home I was checking this FTP server on the second phone I left at home with eye to the firmware update and when I was in the setting I thought to try searching for WIFI points and bang it just spit all networks in my area (I don't have wifi at my place currently).

    Then I plugged in the phone I brought back from work and tried it and it also found those WIFI points. I don't get it why it refused to search for the WIFI at work always telling me that WIFI is not enabled... I'll take it back there tomorrow and try again.

    If it keeps working I might not be that hot on updating the firmware but thanks anyway, let the gurus get their paws on it and tell us if we should upgrade and is so, how to go about it.

    I did place the 1.0 directory on my FTP server but the phone can't connect, I configured Download server address and since my FTP has login I entered as server address user:pass@ but didn't manage to connect to FTP. 0.2.50 is beta firmware and it doesn't look like the difficulties we have with wifi were addressed going to ver 0.2.76 so it is just as well I can't make it go.

    OK I setup at home exactly the same WAP as at work and connected to it but the connection fluctuates to the point of getting disconnected periodically (I did select good channel to avoid interference), no way you could give this phone out to your family/relatives and have it on WIFI, its not even for geeks while on wireless, considering how much you have to browse to menu I can't escape it was designed by somebody without clue, the places in menu where you always want to get to are buried deep in sub-menus, Register menu should be right on the first level in setting, not buried deep down, same for if you want to check connection (while in Setting menus you don't see any indicator of connection to network). But most of those points would be mute if the WIFI wasn't so flaky.

    BTW I can't Register the phone while it is on WIFI, when I switch the Profile to LAN (and hook cable up) it registers without fuss and stays registered, that's another big minus for WIFI, that's like being back some ten years when WIFI was just for playing with and we were amazed to get any connection like we are amazed today with quantum teleporting LOL

    Come on give me a break, it makes me laugh that folks paid hundreds for this abortion Like handset is fancy but lacks in functionality (falls off hook easily, doesn't give positive feeling when being put on hook and feels funny against ear... BUT looks nice (in designer interior that is, where function always takes second place to looks) And the power plug can reset the phone even if still seated, that doesn't fail to get my ire up.

    But as said for the money it is not bad at all, especially if you gonna keep it wired on LAN which works just fine (forget wireless, that's a joke - maybe if that firmware upgrade works magic but I doubt it) and secure that power plug as is illustrated above here or better split the shell and hardwire it.
  4. wardmundy

    wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Linux and WiFi have never been bosom buddies. Indeed, Macs have periodically had the same WiFi woes as these phones. As I noted earlier, all WiFi access points are not created equal. Some work better than others especially with Linux WiFi.

    So... I wouldn't blame it all on these phones. There's plenty of WiFi blame to go around. :wink5:
  5. w1ve

    w1ve Guru

    Interesting... the shell includes busybox!

    You must enable telnet/ftp from the menu in order to login.
  6. w1ve

    w1ve Guru

    I can't find a pre-compiled binary for the PXA270 processor... but there seems to be a lot of stuff around for the processor.. esp. for the Gumstix embedded controller.
  7. rxcomm

    rxcomm Guru

    It looks like there are a couple of fixes to the video driver in 0.2.76. The colormap has been "enhanced," the frame rate fixed to 15 fps, and the delay between audio and video has been reduced. I went ahead and upgraded a phone...it only took a couple of minutes.

    Nothing broke. Phone still registers okay. DHCP Wifi still works.

    I haven't had time to do much testing with the video to see if the enhancements are noticeable. I'll try to do some this evening and let you know.

  8. wardmundy

    wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Please post the upgrade step-by-step for the other pioneers. :wink5:
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  9. rxcomm

    rxcomm Guru

    Step by step instructions for fw upgrade

    OK, this is what worked for me.

    For these instructions to work, you must start with either firmware 0.1.70 or 0.2.50 on your phone. With any other version, you will likely damage your phone beyond repair.

    Also, you should know that this may damage your phone beyond repair anyway. Proceed carefully and at your own risk!

    % is the linux prompt - my attempt to indicate what commands to execute.

    1. Create a user "ipphone" with password "15354all" on the ftp server that will serve the firmware upgrade. For this test, I used vsftpd on my piaf box.

    Note that the Nortel 1535 uses ftp passive mode, which means it chooses random ports for all data transfers. So you will need to open everything so that the phone can receive data. I put the ftp server in the DMZ of my router while I did the upgrade. Be sure to put it back when you are done.

    2. Unzip the 1535.zip file available from the link posted above by jeffml.

    3. Extract the three firmware files:

    % unzip IP_Phone_1535_fw_00_1_70.zip
    % unzip IP_Phone_1535_direct_fw_00_2_50_FTP_image_from_00_1_70.zip
    % unzip IP_Phone_1535_direct_fw_00_2_76_FTP_image_from_00_2_50.zip

    Answer yes to the overwrite readme.txt question.

    This will create a directory tree with the following structure:


    4. Change into the module directory.

    % cd module

    5. Copy the 1.0 directory (recursively) into the root ftp directory for your server (I used /tftpboot, ymmv).

    % cp -R 1.0 /tftpboot/1.0

    This will leave you with a directory tree as above, with the root directory 1.0 in the top directory of your ftp server.

    6. Copy the 1.0/0.2.50 FirmwareUpdateRequest.acfg into the 1.0/0.1.70 directory.

    % cd /tftpboot/1.0/0.1.70
    % cp FirmwareUpdateRequest.acfg FirmwareUpdateRequest.acfg.old
    % cp ../0.2.50/FirmwareUpdateRequest.acfg .

    (note the dot at the end of the 3rd line)

    7. Do the same for the 1.0/0.2.50 directory and the 0.2.76 firmware.

    % cd ../0.2.50
    % cp FirmwareUpdateRequest.acfg FirmwareUpdateRequest.acfg.old
    % cp ../0.2.76/FirmwareUpdateRequest.acfg .

    (note the dot at the end of the third line)

    8. On the phone, change the ftp download source address to that of your ftp server (on the phone, something like System Settings->Technical Details->FTP Download Source, I can't remember exactly now).

    9. Set the phone to check for firmware updates (Settings->Technical Details->Check for Firmware Updates).

    10. If it sees an update, click yes to load the update. The process took about 2 minutes to complete on my phone.

    After completion, the phone will reboot and run 0.2.76. Do NOT disconnect the power or interrupt the phone during the upgrade process.

    Here's a log of the ftp download for my upgrade 0.2.50 -> 0.2.76. http://dave.tycho.ws/vsftpd.htm

  10. bucasia

    bucasia Guru

    I struggled with the WiFi too. It would not connect until I changed "WPA/WPA2" on my router to just "WPA2".

    I also had another issue that is specific to my router that could be useful for someone else. The router is an "O2 Wireless Box II" and the phone would not register with an external Asterisk server at all.

    I had to disable some special SIP handling via the command prompt on the router itself. After that it registered first time.

    I posted some more info here - http://sysadminman.net/blog/2010/nortel-1535-ip-phone-with-asterisk-and-o2-broadband-1500
  11. tshif

    tshif Guru

    :clapb: THANKS for posting this!

    rxcomm - do you have any thoughts on trying to work with the central config files? It would be interesting to be able to control their configs remotely - and in the absence of a web interface - it could be helpful.
  12. warraich

    warraich Member

  13. The Deacon

    The Deacon Guru

    Adding Wallpaper to Nortel 1535

    After monkeying around and getting the firmware updated (thanks, rxcomm!) I started to play with importing some wallpapers into these phones.

    What you need is this:

    • Formatted SD/MMC (your digital camera could probably do that for you).
    • Some images (no larger than 320 x 240 pixels)
    Copy the images to the SD/MMC card (either via an adapter, or possibly your USB printer?)

    Once those images are on the card, insert the SD/MMC card into the SD slot on the right hand side of the phone.

    To import the images, select:

    Menu, Images and Sounds, Copy, Images, Received Images, Wallpaper, Copy from SD/MMC

    Scroll up and down to pick the images you want to import.

    To pick the imported images, select:

    Menu, Images & Sounds, Images, Received Images, Wallpaper

    Scroll through the images; once you find the one you want, select Options, Set as Background

    Press Back (or the orange hangup button) as many times as necessary to get back to the menu where you can see the wallpaper you just selected.

    Maybe your Nortel phone will look as cool as mine:

  14. rxcomm

    rxcomm Guru

    Configs etc.

    I think this sort of thing is definitely possible. For example, rather than provisioning the phone by hand, uploading a custom-edited copy of /usr/local/lgvp/Vdci.cfg and rebooting the phone should be a simple and efficient way to provision the VoIP parameters. Also, things like the phonebook can be changed in this manner (/usr/local/lgvp/phonenumber.txt). They even put vi on the phone if you feel brave.

    Do be careful, though. If you don't get the format exactly right when editing these files by hand, you can screw up your phone. I had to do a complete system reset this morning because I added an entry to phonenumber.txt with the wrong formatting, and the phone wouldn't register (400 error). After a reset, all was happy again (I was lucky this time), but baby steps are in order - at least for now.

    If somebody can get a web server (and e.g. php) compiled, it would definitely be possible to add a simple web interface to the phone for provisioning.

    The coolest thing that could be done though, is to write a custom phone application. It looks like all (or most?) of the current phone application is the set of python modules in /usr/local/lgvp. They are all compiled, so you can't read the source. However, it is possible to decompile the .pyc files into a reasonably readable (but uncommented) set of source code files. Given the source, somebody could really run with it. Its going to take a better python programmer than me to do that, however. Of course it would also be possible to start from scratch if somebody can find good documentation on the hardware design.

  15. wardmundy

    wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Just wondering if we couldn't get the Linux version of Hamachi VPN loaded and working. That would be sweet. Then no firewall hole would be required to put these anywhere. :idea:
  16. wardmundy

    wardmundy Nerd Uno

    By the way, the update won't work on the Turkey specials. They have SW 0.2.89 which you have to have on the FTP server for the update to work. :confused5:
  17. rxcomm

    rxcomm Guru

    Turkey fw issue

    I've got an idea about how to put 0.2.50 or 0.2.76 on the Turkey phones. Give me a day or two to test it and I'll get back to you. They are also HW version 1.0, right?

  18. mtennant

    mtennant Guru

    I don't get it. The Turkey phones I got have H/W 1.0 and F/W 0.2.89. The English/Nortel branded phones have F/W 0.2.50. The 0.2.50 ones have the Telnet capability, but the later F/W 0.2.89 (I'm assuming later/improved) don't. What gives?
  19. wardmundy

    wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Correct. HW version is 1.0.
  20. tshif

    tshif Guru

    Good idea - but dont stop only with Hamachi - what about a reasonable open source pptp client?

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