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Nortel IP 1535 $27.95

Discussion in 'Endpoints' started by w1ve, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. vikeq New Member

    good choice?


    (excuse me for my poor english:i'm frecnh)

    - Does it 100% compliant with any Door SIP video phone?
    - does it 100% compliant with intercom function (*80ext)?

    thank you
  2. rossiv Guru

    Quelquefois, depending on the SIP Door Phone
    Oui, *80 functionne.
  3. sims New Member

    have Nortel 1535's that I do not need. selling therefore.

    For those watching this thread, I should have about 7-8 of these phones. I opened 2-3, and the others are packed.
    I paid $45 each for them. If anybody is interested, I can sell at cost plus shipping cost.

    I hope it is ok to post this - since I know that people here are looking to buying them.


    Mods: If this is not appropriate to be posted here, then pl feel free to delete.
  4. rossiv Guru

    I'm not a mod, but I would suggest posting this in the Items For Sale forum as well.
  5. sims New Member

    I will list it in the for sale forum as well then.
    Good idea.
  6. Bart Member

    Nortel 1535 firmware upgrades?

    Picked up 2 non wifi phones with hw 1.0 sw 0.2.93. Does anyone have new firmware for this phone?


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