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PBX In a Flash System and Network Requirements

Discussion in 'Help' started by kc0tlh, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. kc0tlh New Member


    I have been using PBX In a Flash for a while now at my workplace to handle a very tiny call volume. I am now considering setting up a server and providing business phone service to small local businesses via VOIP.


    1. What are recommended system requirements for PBX In a Flash?
    2. Do these requirements change significantly based on the call volume?
    3. How much bandwidth is required for a SIP or IAX2 call?
    4. Does this number stay constant? (For Example: If 20 more calls are taking place do you need 20X the bandwidth?)
    5. With the above questions in mind what do you think abut a dedicated hosting service like this:http://www.esecuredata.com/Pricing/Servers.aspx ?
    Has anyone tried this?

    Thanks a lot for any help.
  2. jroper Guru

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