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R.I.P. PIAF Endpoint Manager

Discussion in 'Add-On Install Instructions' started by tm1000, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. tm1000

    tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX

    LAST UPDATED: 03-25-2014

    Hi Everyone.

    I've just released the newest version of Endpoint Manager for FreePBX. It will be included as a core module in FreePBX 2.9 & 2.10 but will work with older versions of FreePBX from 2.6+. This project started at PBX In A Flash and will always support all versions of PBX in a Flash.

    You can download the newest version from here: https://github.com/FreePBX/endpointman/releases

    Repo Here: https://github.com/freepbx/endpointman

    You are also encouraged to post bugs or feature requests to FreePBX here.

    Right now it's

    • ? (none?)
    • Allow single and double quotes in display name
    • Remove all php short tags
    • Fix 'Assume Database is Asterisk'
    • Remove oui_list.inc from back in the day with old coding in it
    • [mx504]:Changed default "Reboot Phones" options to unchecked. This is a safer option
    • Updated xml2array, prepare_configs and update_brand functions to support families with only one model
    • New visual configuration file editor, allowing tabs and color syntax
    • Changed location of package server and allow users to change this value (to create a local package server if wanted)
    • Stopped using cURL, using built in php functions along with wget for package installs
    • Re-allow FreePBX 2.6 installs....
    • Beta HTTP Provisioning Support. Needs more work
    • PHP 5.3 Timezone Support & Back Ported to PHP 5.3 >
    • Added local package check
    • Automatically create a database config cloned from the hard drive config if the user attempts to create the config in a template editor screen
    • Add ability for user to allow editing of hard drive base configuration files
    • Show Phone Registration Status with circle lights (images)
    • Added checkbox, textarea, file input types to xml2html generator
    • Overall language support
    Now this isn't your basic endpoint manager. Advanced users can get some benefit out of this also because we allow editing of configuration files right in the module and you can assign these configuration files to individual phones or templates (the templates can then be assigned to phones)

    Documentation here: http://projects.colsolgrp.net/documents/27

    Some quick features:

    * Finding devices on the network that haven't been added into endpoint manager and allowing administrators to add these devices
    * Ability to delete multiple phones at one time
    * Ability to re-assign phones already added devices to different brands/Models
    * Ability to reconfigure all phones of a certain product to another template
    * Ability to assign phones a global template or an individual template (Each template [individual or global] can have different advanced configuration files attached to them or different parameters in the template manager)
    * Template manager section for basic users or users who would like to use the ARI voicemail/recording module which allows phone end users to modify administrator defined settings and reboot their respective devices
    * Allow variables such as server IP, mac address, extension number and display name to be used in the template manager section for administrators and phone end users
    * Brand/Products/Phones module support. The user can check for updates and download firmware for supported products/brands within the Brand Configurations/Setup screen
    * Users can enable or disable phones from within the brand Configurations/Setup window to hide phones which they are not using
    * Button to rebuild configuration files and reboot all phones that have been added to endpoint manager
    * Button to reboot individual Brands
    * Support for editing configuration files of phones in browser and allowing the administrator to assign these configuration files to individual phones or select templates
    * Advanced location support for the executables needed in Endpointmanager (Path definitions for ARP, NMAP and Asterisk)
    * View all searchable OUIs
    * OUIs are removed,Installed and updated when modules are removed, installed and updated
    * Removed need for JAVA JDK and grandstream complier requirements.
    * Each phone module can complete custom functions within the advanced settings page
    * Export/Import MAC list table
    * French Language Support (Thanks to Christophe Jouniaux)
    * More..
  2. blanchae

    blanchae Guru

    Does it check for Snom 190, 360, Cisco 7960, 7941s? I just have one model of Grandstream Budgetone 200, I believe
  3. tm1000

    tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX


    it supports all listed models below and I can add more without you having to update the core module because we have added a 'check for updates' system within the module that will allow you to download phone information

  4. blanchae

    blanchae Guru

    This will give me something to do next week. It looks pretty spiffy.
  5. blanchae

    blanchae Guru

    In the dhcp prerequisites, you are using option 66 for t*f*t*p server. Have you tried option 150? This allows multiple t*f*t*p server configuration. So if the first t*f*t*p server fails, it will try the next one.
  6. jono

    jono New Member

    I had a good go with this last week and it looked much more flexible than v1. However, I couldn't get it to provision any phones.........was I trying a little too early before the release?

    I downgraded to v1 but will try again now it's been released for test.
  7. tm1000

    tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX

    I only own grandstream 2000 and polycom 501s. So any other phone is hit and miss with me. Though if you download it and give me a good configuration file i can simply fix the phone configuration and you wouldn't have to re-download the entire module

    I've had a few people test snoms and I assume they work
  8. tm1000

    tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX

    Ya I should probably change that. Cisco + Polycom phones support option 150. I don't know if grandstream, snom or aastra do
  9. dfisheratt

    dfisheratt New Member

    Upgraded a test box...

    In SHOW/HIDE BRANDS/MODELS do the buttons display the current config?

    For instance, if it says "show", does that mean click here to show the device? Or does it mean, This device is being shown?
  10. dfisheratt

    dfisheratt New Member

    I uninstalled 2.0 and reinstalled it.

    Upon opening, I did check for updates, refreshed, installed Polycom, enabled 501 and 601. I then went to the template manager and created a template for each.
    I then configured the server address and enabled debugging.
    Next I tried to search my network for new phones.
    When I clicked on My Devices List, I get an error that is as follows:

    Notice: Undefined variable: list in /var/www/html/admin/modules/endpointman/includes/devices_manager.inc on line 344

    If it helps, it seems that under "Current Managed Extensions" it populated the list of brands, but failed to populate the model of phone list. Even after I select a brand, it does not populate the Model of Phone list. It also failed to populate templates.. I also noticed that it did not import my current extensions. However after I created a new extension, the new one did show up but still not the existing. Is this by design?

    I really like the features this is going to offer over 1.0. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you

    Dennis Fisher
  11. tm1000

    tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX

    That only hides (or shows) brands/products/models on the 'brand/models configuration" screen. Kinda confusing. I need to put a description on that page. I'll add that to the next one. Thanks!
  12. tm1000

    tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX

    Are your phone extensions SIP or MGCP. I don't support MGCP or SCCP (Cisco) just because they are referenced differently in freepbx.

    It should show your old extensions that are on the system. Especially if they are of tech sip.

    I private messaged you so we can work on this together and hopefully figure out what the issue is.
  13. Speedy2k

    Speedy2k New Member

    For Aastra phone, i have a 57i here, with aastra XML script installed, what i want to do is manage all the phone wuth your endpoint manager but with the scripts enabled. I don't want the end user being able to enter their extension in the phone UI, i what to be able to set it up on the EndPoint Manager. So here is what i'm missing in your current config and i'm pretty sure it will be really easy for you to do.
    First, we can adjust the softkey 1-12, but their is 20 softkey on a 57i, So if it is possible on the 57i template to add the softkey 13-20 it would be really awesome, i see eitheir that you are not gicing any option to adjust the topsoftkey that we have 12 on a 57i. they are setup just like the softkey but like that:

    topsoftkey1 type: callers
    topsoftkey1 label: Appelants
    topsoftkey2 type: xml
    And fot the softkey and topsoftkey type, i see you have right now:
    Speed Dial
    Do Not Disturb
    It is really nice, but it would be cool if you can add Those one:
    softkey13 type: blfxfer
    softkey13 label: Bureau
    softkey13 value: 1001
    softkey13 states: "idle connected incoming outgoing busy"
    topsoftkey1 type: empty
    topsoftkey2 type: icom
    topsoftkey2 label: Intercom
    topsoftkey3 label: "Callers List"
    topsoftkey4 type: pickup
    topsoftkey4 label: Pickup
    topsoftkey5 type: flash
    topsoftkey5 label: Flash
    topsoftkey6 type: spre
    topsoftkey6 label: Sprecode
    topsoftkey7 type: park
    topsoftkey7 label: Park
    topsoftkey8 type: pickup
    topsoftkey8 label: Pickup
    topsoftkey9 type: blfxfer
    topsoftkey9 label: BLF/Xfer
    topsoftkey10 type: directory
    topsoftkey10 label: Directory
    So i have sent you some of the avaible softkey on a Aastra 57i phone, i don;t know if you see the softkey13 states, it would be nice to have the possibility to set the state when we want those softkey, thanx a lot and let me know when you are ready and i'm gona update my template to see the change, thanx a lot!

    I have found another problem, when i edit my $mac.cfg in the /Advanced Setting/Configuration Editor and i select the aastra i have installed, here is the $mac.cfg file i'm using:
    sip auth name: {$ext}
    sip password: {$pass} 
    sip user name: {$ext}
    sip display name: {$displayname}
    sip screen name: {$displayname} #the name display on the phone's screen
    sip screen name 2: Ext. {$ext} #the extension display on the phone's screen
    # set the inter-digit timeout in seconds
    sip digit timeout: {$sip_digit_timeout}
    # this is the default dial string, note
    sip dial plan: "{$sip_dial_plan}"
    # XML Configuration
    action uri incoming: http://{$srvip}:9080/aastra/asterisk/incoming.php?number=$$REMOTENUMBER$$&name=$$INCOMINGNAME$$&user={$ext}
    action uri outgoing: http://{$srvip}:9080/aastra/asterisk/outgoing.php?number=$$REMOTENUMBER$$
    action uri onhook: http://{$srvip}:9080/aastra/asterisk/onhook.php?number=$$REMOTENUMBER$$&name=$$INCOMINGNAME$$&user={$ext}
    action uri registered: http://{$srvip}:9080/aastra/asterisk/sync.php?action=register&user={$ext}
    action uri poll: http://{$srvip}:9080/aastra/asterisk/sync.php?action=check&user={$ext}
    action uri poll interval: 1800
    sip xml notify event: 1
    action uri xml sip notify: http://{$srvip}:9080/aastra/asterisk/sync.php?action=notify&user={$ext}
    xml application URI: http://{$srvip}:9080/aastra/menu/mymenu.php?menu_source=menu1&menu_user={$ext}&user={$ext}
    xml application title: Applications
    xml get timeout: 30
    sip intercom type: 2
    sip intercom prefix code: *80
    sip intercom line: 1
    sprecode: asterisk;70
    sip allow auto answer: 1
    sip intercom mute mic: 0
    directed call pickup: 1
    directed call pickup prefix: **
    auto offhook: 0
    bl on time: 30
    softkey1 type: {$softkey1_type}
    softkey1 label: "{$softkey1_label}"
    softkey1 value: {$softkey1_value}
    softkey2 type: {$softkey2_type}
    softkey2 label: "{$softkey2_label}"
    softkey2 value: {$softkey2_value}
    softkey3 type: {$softkey3_type}
    softkey3 label: "{$softkey3_label}"
    softkey3 value: {$softkey3_value}
    softkey4 type: {$softkey4_type}
    softkey4 label: "{$softkey4_label}"
    softkey4 value: {$softkey4_value}
    softkey5 type: {$softkey5_type}
    softkey5 label: "{$softkey5_label}"
    softkey5 value: {$softkey5_value}
    softkey6 type: {$softkey6_type}
    softkey6 label: "{$softkey6_label}"
    softkey6 value: {$softkey6_value}
    softkey7 type: {$softkey7_type}
    softkey7 label: "{$softkey7_label}"
    softkey7 value: {$softkey7_value}
    softkey8 type: {$softkey8_type}
    softkey8 label: "{$softkey8_label}"
    softkey8 value: {$softkey8_value}
    softkey9 type: {$softkey9_type}
    softkey9 label: "{$softkey9_label}"
    softkey9 value: {$softkey9_value}
    softkey10 type: {$softkey10_type}
    softkey10 label: "{$softkey10_label}"
    softkey10 value: {$softkey10_value}
    softkey11 type: {$softkey11_type}
    softkey11 label: "{$softkey11_label}"
    softkey11 value: {$softkey11_value}
    softkey12 type: {$softkey12_type}
    softkey12 label: "{$softkey12_label}"
    softkey12 value: {$softkey12_value}
    The problem i got is that the {$srvip} variable isn't working at all, it give en empty value. thanx!
  14. I gave it a shot...

    On a test system the module appeared to install but when I try to get to it:

    /tftboot is not writable

    I think there is a typo somewhere and /tftpboot is what was meant...
  15. tm1000

    tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX

    Thanks. Was a typo but only on the output. It still believes that your tftpboot directory is not writable:

    if(file_exists('/tftpboot')) {
    	if(!is_writeable('/tftpboot')) {
    		die('/tftpboot is not writable');
    } else {
    	die("Please create /tftpboot, even if you won't use it");
    try chown -r asterisk:asterisk
  16. tm1000

    tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX


    Thanks for your input I'll work on the things you mentioned.

    I see what you mean!! It does spit out a blank error! I'll get a fix out asap!

  17. tm1000

    tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX

  18. Speedy2k

    Speedy2k New Member

  19. tm1000

    tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX

    Yup. I'm working on that right now. I've even included a button on the "Product Options/Configuration Editor" page that will auto configure the default config file (on the hard drive) with Aastra script xml information.

    See below:


  20. tm1000

    tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX

    I have uploaded the changes to Aastra models.

    Simply go to "Brand Configurations/Setup" then click "Check for updates"

    Then update "Aastra Models: 9480i, 9480i CT, 9143i,67xx"

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