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seeking paid support asterisk/AT&T Definity G3 integration

Discussion in 'Help' started by tbooth, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. tbooth

    tbooth Guru

    I have a client with an old AT&T Definity G3 with 3 PRI's coming into location (A ) with another single cabinet at location (B ), there is a point to point in between sites. We are looking to replace location (B ) with asterisk to add call center functionality to location (B )
    The goal here is to tie together the G3 to asterisk and still 4 digit dialing in between both sites.
    Location (A's) G3 will be replaced in about 6 months to completely replace the entire G3 and then also add a location (C )

    All of my asterisk installs have been with POTS lines and VOIP. I have no experience with PRI/T1's and looking to pay for support on this project. If anyone here has done this type of integration please let me know if your interested ASAP.

    Many Thanks
  2. parker

    parker New Member

    I've done lots of T1's and some PRI's/BRI's/ISDN's. It's not difficult, really. I should think the asterisk integration itself would be much more challenging than the inter- and intra-location circuits...
  3. kenn10

    kenn10 Guru-ish

    Tim, there are a lot of ways a G3 can be integrated; depending on what the current setup is.

    1) Is location B a separate single carrier switch, or a remote cabinet of the central G3?

    2) Is the central switch a G3si or a G3r? Big difference.

    3) Does the G3 currently have Uniform Dial Plan (UDP) licensed on it so the 4-digit dialing is facilitated? Would not be currently necessary to customer if location B is a remote node off central switch.

    I'm ex-Avaya so I know a bit about the G3 product line.

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