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Setup Help (Polycom Soundpoint 550)

Discussion in 'Endpoints' started by mark-hc, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. mark-hc

    mark-hc New Member

    I have a Polycom Soundpoint 550 that I need some help with.
    I have searched around the forums nothing has helped so far.
    I have a new install of PIAF 1.3. Could someone please point me in the right direction to get the phone working in the system? I know Grandstream and Aastra are recommended but the Polycom has really nice sound quality which is important for me.

    I have starbucks coupons I can mail someone :)
  2. BeerCan

    BeerCan Guru

    I am a n00b with voip and piaf but I can try and help you if you like.

    I just set my 550's up last night and after a little wrestling got them to work. I am using dhcp and vsftp to configure the phones. I can share that process if you like but I think if you are just setting 1 phone you can use its internal web config. These are the settings I originally used to test mine. The should be a good jump off point for you but ymmv.

    Log into your phones ip address (you can find it with menu --> staus --> network --> tcp/ip params)

    Login is Polycom (case sensitive) password is 456

    Click on the sip link
    outbound proxy:

    address = put your piaf server address
    port = 5060
    transport = DNSsnaptr


    address = put your piaf server address
    port = 5060
    transport = DNSsnaptr
    expires = blank
    register = 1
    retry = 0
    retry = 0
    line time out = 5

    Local settings :

    local sip port = blank
    calls per line = blank
    sdp = disabled
    lcs = disabled
    line seize = enabled
    digitmap = [2-9]11|0T|011xxx.T|0-1]2-9]xxxxxxxxx|2-9]xxxxxxxxx|2-9]xxxxxxT|1-9]xxxT|1-9]xxT

    timeout = 5
    end of dial = enabled
    impossible match = 2

    Now click on the lines link
    Fill out the identification section using the info you configured for the extension in piaf

    address = put your piaf server address
    port = 5060
    transport = DNSsnaptr
    expires = blank
    register = 1
    retry = blank
    retry = blank
    line time out = 30

    fill out message center section

    subscriber = your extension
    mode = contact
    contact = *97

    Hopefully someone with a little more knowledge can point out any faults in my config or teach us some tricks or shortcuts. Let me know how it goes. I can try and help more if you need it.

  3. mark-hc

    mark-hc New Member

    I will just setup the 1 phone for now. I am using this in my home so I probably won't have more than 5 or so phones in the end. I will be adding phones 1 at a time as I get things going over the next couple of weeks. Do I need to update the Polycoms firmware or anything? I was playing with Trixbox earlier and it had done some boot updating or whatever to the phone. Do I need to factory reset the phone before I plug it into the PIAF network?

    A few other things to consider about my setup:
    I am using Untangle 6.0 as a gateway for my LAN.
    The Untangle gateway is a DHCP and DNS server for my LAN.
    The PIAF server has an internal static Ip of 10.0.0.x
    I have strict firewall rules. Which ports should I open?
  4. BeerCan

    BeerCan Guru

    I will answer your questions best I can.

    With firmware I am of the camp of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" So unless there is a compelling reason to upgrade the firmware I would leave it alone. As far as resetting your phone, I don't think it could hurt. It might be good to start "fresh" as it were.

    I use pfsense as a fw and have no issues, untangle should be zero problems also. My dhcp, dns, and ftp server are all on boxen other than the pbx so that is not an issue either.

    The ports you open on your fw really depend on your provider. I had to open 5060-5061 and 10000-20000.
  5. mark-hc

    mark-hc New Member

    Okay great. That clears some things up.

    How about the command "setup-polycom" at the root terminal login? Have you used that? I was going to try it.
  6. BeerCan

    BeerCan Guru

    I did not use that command because my ftp server is on a different box. As far as I could tell it just creates the cfg files in the tftserver directories.
  7. jwells

    jwells Member


    setup-polycom does setup the initial config files that would be delivered via t*f*t*p to the phone. The files are in the /t*f*t*p folder. You also have to have the mac address of the phone config file in there. GO see this link http://www.sureteq.com/asterisk/polycom.htm

    Chris Sherwood has spent a lot of time on his document and it WORKS! just take the time to do as he says. If you need the polycom files they are also on the ftp site of the previous distro you tried out. The setup will automatically update your phones bootrom and SIP

  8. BeerCan

    BeerCan Guru

    You meant that post for Mark right :) lol

    I managed to set my phones up by hand using the example files that came with the firmware, I did not use the piaf script because my ftp server is on a different box, but I guess I could have and just moved them after it was done :).

    Anyway my ip550's are working fine with dhcp and vsftpd but I do appreciate that link to the surteq guide. It is loaded with good info and it makes me feel good because that is almost exactly how I set mine up :D
  9. mark-hc

    mark-hc New Member


    Great! Thanks so far for the help guys.:smile5: My phone was stuck in an endless booting cycle because I had once set it up on Trixbox. When i removed it from Trixbox, the phone would complain because it couldn't find the config file from the previous t*f*t*p Trixbox server. It would endlessly reboot looking for the old config.

    So what I did was downloaded a small t*f*t*p server program onto my Windows laptop. I created a t*f*t*p folder on my C:/ drive. C:\t*f*t*p-Boot

    I then went to polycom's website and downloaded their latest firmware and drivers. I placed them in the t*f*t*p-Boot forlder on my windows machine and then manually pointed the phone to the windows server.

    This updated the phones firmware and software to the very latest.

    It looks good. I am hoping I can just transfer the same files I recieved from Polycoms website into the t*f*t*p-boot folder in asterisk. I figure this will give my phone the latest firmware/software and run on asterisk platform.

    Anyone try this?
  10. jwells

    jwells Member

    BeerCan yes I meant it for Mark LOL


    Yes the t*f*t*p will work copy the files in there but I prefer to use the ftp method works for remote phones better as well. What version of SIP and Boot rom are you on now ? Just check the settings on the phone it will show it.
  11. jbh

    jbh Guru

    No entry required in the SIP page

    I have found, by trial and error, that when configuring via the phone's web interface it is actually not necessary to enter anything in the SIP page (where you find the fields for outbound proxy, server1 and server 2).

    Previously I always found it confusing that you had two different places to enter server details, once under the SIP page and once in the Line appearance details. All the instructions I found told me to put the PBX details in the SIP page - presumably because the instructions came from a VoIP provider who used a sererate outbound proxy.

    But with PIAF - I have found it is sufficient to put the extension details in the entry in the Lines page, with the details for the address of the PBX and SIP port in the server 1 box below. This works.
  12. BeerCan

    BeerCan Guru

    great info. I just tested that out on one of my un-configured phones and it did indeed work. So even less is required to get these phones up and running.

    To add I just followed some advice on voip-info on how to add the weather to be displayed in the micro browser. Worked pretty good and now I have an idea on what it takes to get info displayed in the idle screen :).

    Anyone have any phone browser app / tips and tricks they want to share?
  13. mark-hc

    mark-hc New Member

    My Polycom 550 SIP software is currently
    Its Bootrom is

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