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NO JOY Unable to restore backups

Discussion in 'Help' started by turalo, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. turalo Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm planning to move my physical Piafs to a virtual server, my old servers have the older version of PIAF, and on the virtual server I have installed the VM esxi image of PIAF which is new version, and I have updated it to the last.

    Now I wanted to import my backup files form the older asterisk, but no luck,when I go to backup module, and there to upload the backup files, it starts to upload but after 5 minutes it stops and does noting.

    So it there a way to import the old backups ?
    In my backups I have cdr's, announcements and other configs, extensions custom contexts etc...
    on one of my piafs I have to many extensions, trunks, routes etc... it would take me a week to reinsert them by hand :)
    on the other one, only 5, but there I have a full IVR menu, that;s very important.

    any advise much appreciated.

    thanks in advance.

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