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Discussion in 'Providers' started by numguard, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. numguard

    numguard New Member

    Has anyone had experience with vitelity? They have decent prices and they seem like they have a lot of experience in the market. Any good/bad reviews? Thanks.
  2. mtennant

    mtennant Guru

    My experience with five or so DIDs for myself and others, for residential and business use, has been positive. Very reliable in my opinion over two years now. I don't think you can go wrong.
  3. wardmundy

    wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Rock solid, reliable.
  4. Fortel

    Fortel Guru

    Vitelity appears to be reliable...

    I have roughly 25 - 30 DIDs with Vitelity. I have had some problems relating to the Vitelity trunks- outages that lasted for a few minutes at a time, but it's pretty rare- and nothing recent. They seem quick to respond to any issue. I have had occasional complaints with echo using the outbound Vitelity trunks, but fortunately, that seems to have cleared up as well.

    The seamless failover is has saved my bacon more than once. And their web portal for is the best I have seen- really excellent. Oh, and number portability into Vitelity is absolutely painless.

    VoIPStreet is also very good.

    Hope it helps...

  5. jrglass

    jrglass Guru

    Very Good!

    I use them as a backup to my PRI for my inbound call center.

  6. mtennant

    mtennant Guru

    I'll second that regarding their failover. I have it setup to have my cellphone number ring if my DID trunk isn't registered. Before I got the Bluetooth proximity feature to work, I used that as my follow-me method.

    Turn off the Asterisk box, Vitelity would get a call on the DID and it would automatically go to the cellphone.

    Having said that, my rate for Vitelity failover is:

    PPM Local DID: 2.8ยข per minute

    When Bluetooth is used, I have an incoming leg and an outgoing leg of the call to my cellphone.

    The combined two call rate is about the same as the failover rate, so from an economic standpoint (including the cost of electricity), I might be better off just turning off my box when I leave the house. But that isn't as simple and cool as just leaving and relying on Bluetooth.
  7. w1ve

    w1ve Guru

    I have 5 local dids and a toll-free with Vitelity. they are rock solid.
    Customer Service is excellent.

    I do not have any POTS; just Vitelity as a provider.
  8. techguru

    techguru New Member

    I have been using Vitelity for a year with no problems. I didn't even know about the failover service, that is great. Just added it to my account.

  9. mtennant

    mtennant Guru

    Yeah, the failover is great. Wouldn't it be nice to have the bluetooth proximity feature (which requires an in and out connection to your cellphone - is this called a hairpin connection?) simply "unregister" the associated DID? Then you would only have a direct connection from Vitelity to the cellphone and no bandwidth or latency issues associated with the current bluetooth proximity call forwarding setup.
  10. tel0p

    tel0p Guru


    I have yet to signup for Vitelity (still using Telasip), but I heard last night (on irc #freepbx) that they allow you to specify your own CLID (sendrpid). That's a good thing in my book.

    My cell # is my main number, so I call-forward my cell when I'm home to my voip line. All calls outgoing look like they're from my cell. Charmingly simple.
  11. foneman

    foneman Guru

    Very good for me. I have 3 lines with them and they have been solid.
  12. jakev383

    jakev383 New Member

    I've had reasonably good experience with them. Their porting department sucks though. I spent 77 days trying to get numbers ported when LES.net shut down the East coast. They kept putting me off and putting me off. Made my clients very unhappy. Then when all was said and done, 2 of the 10 phone numbers that were ported cannot be called from regular phone lines (or cell phones). When I called them they told me that it was not their problem, but the phone companies and it should clear up in a few weeks. I called back again and was told that I needed to start calling my phone company to get them to update their tables. After making calls to Verizon, Sprint, Bellsouth, etc. I ended up calling in to complain again and a different guy said "yep. they're not coming to our switch correctly. We'll put in a trouble ticket with our provider". It's been over the holidays so I'll cut some slack, but be warned that their porting stinks. Everything else about them is GREAT. 30+ numbers total and no issues that are not porting related. They did have some issues with connect02 a couple weeks ago, but changing to connect01 and connect03 solved all of that.
  13. wardmundy

    wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Porting numbers within or to VoIP providers is always a pain. Some providers are better than others. But Vitelity is rock-solid reliable once you have your DIDs in place. And new ones come up almost instantaneously.
  14. foneman

    foneman Guru

    I agree. Coming from a large CLEC and having to deal with some of the "porting" departments at some of the smaller VOIP ITSP's, porting is always a challenge. Especially if you have a brand new number that was assigned from an ITSP and wanting to port to another ITSP. They have a limited number bank and they do not want to let those numbers go as it is hard to get more.
    And, to make matters worse, those companies have to rely on the CLEC's and ILEC's to do the actual porting and directing as they are just customers of the CLEC and ILEC and need the numbers directed to their service.
    Probably too much info but hey, more is better than not enough.
    VITELITY is stable as well. Love em. I have 3 now and will ber getting more as time goes on.
  15. jakev383

    jakev383 New Member

    That I agree with completely. I've been very happy with any NEW numbers I've gotten through them.
  16. TomL

    TomL New Member

    I have to agree with everyone else, I have 6 DID's with the. Rock solid!

  17. mikemee

    mikemee New Member

    I hate to be a naysayer in this plethora of praise, but I've had mixed (though never bad) experiences with Vitelity. In San Diego the service has been excellent with no problems (tho it can sometimes take > 7 days to get a did when they're out of stock). However, for a client in San Francisco, we had consistent echo problems on outbound calls that were never present with Voipstreet. Vitelity were never terribly interested in working out what might be causing this, so after trying various codecs at their suggestion, I gave up and switched to voipstreet for all outbound alls with vitelity as a backup (and still in use for the existing 3 DIDs which act as rollover destinations if the main att lines are busy).

    Btw, I discovered via the trixbox forums that I wasn't the only one having echo problems with Vitelity in SF.

    However, perhaps they've fixed these (per someone's post above). I'm doing another install in SF shortly and am considering telasip for the primary service (as they've always been excellent for my home/home office) and vitelity as a backup, but it would be simpler (and cheaper) to just use vitelity for everything.

    I'm particularly interested to hear from others using Vitelity in the San Francisco area...
  18. Fortel

    Fortel Guru


    So Vitelity HAS been very reliable in the past. But it's now been three days of "random busy signals" as their web site describes it. I have about 50 DIDs with Vitelity, so you can imaging the kind of calls I've been getting from my customers. Ugg.

    But when they work, they work very well here in the SF Bay area and Northern California. And the previous echo problems for outbound calling seems to have been cured a number of months ago.
  19. TheShniz

    TheShniz Guru

    Yes, my customers have also been getting "random busy signals"... but only from cerain 925- call centers. If Lesnet had better latency cross-country, I'd be switching everyone to them (as in would have a long time ago). Very aggrivating indeed.
  20. mtennant

    mtennant Guru

    Yeah, it's getting pretty sad. I'm seeing the BUSY stuff too. Not a good thing.

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