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Voip.MS setup

Discussion in 'Providers' started by timgoforth, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. timgoforth

    timgoforth New Member

    Has anyone had issues with VOIP.MS?
    I have recently added a VOIP.MS account, but i cannot get it to dial out. It registers fine, but it gives a CONGESTION error every time I try to call out, then it fails-over to my PIAF trunk.
    My Vitelity & PIAF-USA trunks work fine (same dial plan).

    Below are my settings if it helps (which I basically cut and pasted from voip.ms site)

    [Dial Plan]

    trunk name: voipms

    nat=yes ; uncomment if behind nat - I have tried both ways


    [Registraton string]

    Thank you for any assistance you can give.

    BTW: I have tried different servers and have tried IAX as well. I know the account is good, because I tried it directly from a softphone and it dialed out.
  2. euser4life

    euser4life Guru

    Give them a call. I had the same problem when I signed up. Something did not provision correctly and an engineer had to make an adjustment on their side (sorry I can remember what the change was they made). But they are generally good folks and should be able to help you out.
  3. timgoforth

    timgoforth New Member

    Their support is lacking

    :cryin:I am frustrated with their support. I have spent hours with their online chat. I called and they will not speak to me on the phone.
  4. timgoforth

    timgoforth New Member

    Crow tastes pretty good

    :smile5: I have to take back what I said about their support. Their tech logged into my piaf system and fixed it.
    It turns out my password had a "&" ... freepbx don't like that.
  5. tshif

    tshif Guru

    Hehehe. Your a good sport! I found that with a little chorizo and some nice sourdough bread - crow isn't all that bad. Heaven knows I have to eat a lot of it!

    I'm GLAD it turned out they still pay attention. After reading your note - I was thinking.... Damn, another vendor failing under the weight of their own success. I'm GLAD its NOT that. I really want them to succeed. (I *hate* changing providers.)
  6. w1ve

    w1ve Guru


    I think VOIP.MS rocks. Try getting instant online support from Vitelity. Do you think a tech from Vitelity will get on your PBX and fix things? I don't think so.

    I recommend you use an IAX trunk with voip.ms... much more reliable, at least from my experience.

    VOIP.MS does have some rough edges... number portability among them. However, if you dig and find their heritage, they are a large telco... and I bet this VOIP.MS entity is some rogue group trying to prove to the bean counters that voip is a good play.

    Let's hope they succeed.
  7. tshif

    tshif Guru

    :iagree: We Need all the good vendors we can get!
  8. Phone_User

    Phone_User Guru

    :iamwithstupid: I will second that.
  9. encrypter

    encrypter Member

    I was having trouble keeping sip registration with voip.ms. I reinstalled Piaf and it worked out of the box. Calls are crystal clear and haven't had the trunk registration drop at all since the install. Really happy and am now seriously considering porting my home number to their service.
  10. marv

    marv Member

    Well I figured I'd chime in on this conversation... I ported my DIDs from Les.net to Voip.ms. Granted, it was like pulling teeth. I think it took almost 3 months. And I still have one number pending. Voip.ms told me they had trouble getting Les.net to turn them over in a time manner. But this was before they setup their new tracking system. So I'm not sure who's fault it really was. But I sent messages almost daily and sometimes never would get a response. The online messaging was the only way to get them to acknowledge.

    Yesterday I had a DID dropped that was being ported from Vonage to Voip.ms. No FOC date had been notified. Luckily I caught it and contacted both carriers and ultimately Voip.ms had it corrected within an hour.

    Even with porting being a royal pain, I will say that I rarely ever drop my trunk with them. The call quality has been great. And only on a few occurences, have I been told that my callerid was not delivered or was some other callerid for whatever reason.

    One problem I had that I have not received a response on was on day when we lost power for 12+ hours. None of the DIDs were going to failover. I have not had a chance to pull the plug and see if it's working now. But something to keep in mind if you rely upon it heavily. You never know it works until you either need it or unless you've tested it. :D

    Overall, I'd give them a A-
  11. I'm using voip.ms for five months now.

    I had a minor issue while porting a number, but a contact with their online chat fixed it in a day.

    I have a primary iax trunk, with a sip failover. In my log I've seen the failover activated twice in these five months.

    They are not the cheapest in the block for inbound calls rate or monthly DID price, but their service is so far really good and I like being able to choose my server location.

    Their sub account feature is nice too, but other providers are doing it too.
  12. jehowe

    jehowe Guru

    Not sure what their master plan is, but they are really pushing asterisk features to the edge and are looking more like a PBX host in addition to being a provider. These features just became available and are in addition to other features like ring groups:

    IVR (Digital Receptionist)
    Calling Queues
  13. fdisk

    fdisk New Member

    it's crap. I am on the phone 8-10 hours a day.

    everything from robotic voice to dropped calls to busy signals when not on the phone. The service is terrible. I do not recommend them to anyone. tech support, real support is slow (not the live support, as they dont know anything)

    and this is straight thru to their servers, no router, no pbxiaf, and a 10mb cable pipe, 1 line only.

    CRAP. I am looking for a new provider as we speak. But I do like their web panel. but still crap.
  14. adnan11

    adnan11 New Member

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  15. kevinfvc

    kevinfvc Member

    Can't comment on their master plan, but I think these hosted VoIP features are a great idea esp. for remote users. It seems like there are so many issues related to remote phone (to corporate IP PBX) that go away if you simply have remote users register directly to the switch.

    I've been using these guys for SIP trunking to my PiaF. I set up a second number to use when I travel (Zoiper with IAX registering direct to the nearest voip.ms server ala hosted PBX).

    I've found the support team very responsive to email. I also used the chat feature and got the same tech that helped me on VM.
  16. equin00x

    equin00x New Member

    They are cheap, feature-rich and have good customer support. For home, playing with voip they are OK. But not for business. A lot of BUSY to their DIDs, you call DID but there is just silence. Or BUSY. Very unstable service. Everyday I had nightmare changing server to get acceptable quality. Everyone in the office hated me. Looks like they are Vitelity reseller. No infrastructure, nothing. Just couple linux boxes on dedicated public hoisting. Never had an issue with Voicepulse, but they are very expensive for toll-free. I'm going to switch to Vitelity. It's better to pay slightly more but avoid a man in the middle....
  17. YoungOrtho

    YoungOrtho Member

    I use them for my business and I have not had any problems. I am using the premium routing though.
  18. invictive

    invictive New Member

    As far as I know they are located in 5 different data center's across north america, they have been in the telecom business for 10+ years, they handle their own termination, they have multiple PRI's with MTS Allstream, etc...

    As for being unstable, I use them at my business and have never had any issues. I am using premium routing with IAX. Call quality is excellent.
  19. SpaethCo

    SpaethCo Member

    They rent dedicated servers in various DCs across NA. I colo gear in the same DC as their east coast server (Voxel), and have friends who have gear colo'd where their west coast server is (Pacific Rack / OC3 Networks). These are stand alone servers with no telecom connectivity.

    Don't read too much into the number of locations they have, because anyone can rent servers all over the place and simply stand up Asterisk instances.

    I don't want to be too hard on them because I think they've done a really nice job on their web portal and seem to provide good service, but they're not some massive telecom provider. For example, most of their DIDs are simply Vitelity DIDs that they are reselling. If you have a Vitelity account you can confirm this pretty easily by looking up available numbers in various US48 areas and seeing that the DID list is identical between Vitelity and voip.ms.
  20. If what your saying is true ie: Freepbx doesn't like the ampersand in a password. THEN WHY DOES IT LET YOU DO THAT!


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